International Water Expert

With our extensive network of contacts and expertise we offer a full range of consultancy services in potable and wastewater treatment technology, including:

1. In the context of malfunctions or cases of damage

• Investigation and determination of the cause of occurring problems or damages
• Elaboration of suggestions and measures for the elimination of faults and damages
• Calculation of costs to repair of damages 

2. For industrial and municipal clients

• Recording and evaluation of the current state and the existing situation
• Advice on possible actions to achieve the goals under economic aspects
• Development of suitable concepts for economic technologies
• Review of existing concepts in terms of technical feasibility and operational safety
• Carrying out variant studies with regard to their overall profitability
• Process engineering optimization for existing plants
• Carrying out semi-technical tests on site with our own test facilities

3. Services for plant construction companies and suppliers

• Development of special proposals in the context of tenders
• Participation in research and development projects
• Project-related short-term assignments in English or French-speaking countries
• Temporary management

4. Services in the context of a company valuation (purchase or sale)

• Assessment of the technologies used and their significance for the market
• Identification and comparison of the main competitors
• Assessment and development of marketing and sales strategies
• Determination of the company's potential
• Support for the development of an optimal corporate concept
• Participation in due diligence